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Panoh po makabili s inyo ng pamparegla...sam_08


san ako makakabile ng pampalaglag.? please answer me.

Charm Reyes

Hai! Can u help me know where to buy those..tnx


mind if i ask if how much is the bottle # 8.... is it truly effective and have no side effect if ever i used...?


yung pic no.3 me nagbenta na sakin nun sa cebu sa ayala, gayuma yan db? totoo ba? kaso akala ko ba ang tunay na anting eh hindi binabayaran?

barbara sunigay

saan ungpwestom may cp no.kb?

arsen de jesus

tanong lng po ,pano po ako makaka kuha sa post nyo ng medal sa post nyo sa internet ,meron po ba kayo ng 7llave juranento and magkano ang donor


phillipines are cool country

virginia legaspi

if you believe it well help.

Yue Candide

nice pictures

Ang ganda-ganda naman ang daming anting anting amulet mga gayuma mga santo pang tahanan talaga tunay na religeos ang mga pilipino! its original sa bansa. at masisipag ang mga pinoy nagtitinda at nagninigosyo sa malinis na paraan. Mabuhay Quiepo
Welcome to beautiful Philippines


you capture the flavor, color, people, texture of almost everything in Quiapo your images makes these ordinary things extra ordinary.

thanks for sharing!


what an outstanding collection of things! I want them all


I thought the fourth pic was of sort of (temporary) amulet


I really enjoy this set. Ang galing! Always wanted to do that. Love the details of these objects especially that bottle 3 and 6.


Mind you, my family tried some of them :)! It was effective for us ! Especially the tawas ! I had problem with my monthly period and I have drunk those pamparegla hahaha, talagang effective !

BTW, I appreciate your rationality Sidney, thank you and again sorry I didn't have translation of the poem !


Hehehe... very interesting. I want one of those amulets. But no way would I drink any of those potions. :)


superstition persists ..

Ashish Sidapara

Wow, interesting post today! Thanks for sharing!!


Now I know where to turn next time I feel a cold or some other illness coming up!


as expected. another interesting photos from you. :)

Jon Limjap

Haha... Pampa-regla. These are bottled abortifacients, and are actually absolutely illegal.

Hi, Sidney. I like your write up. That's perfect to sum up with the photo. And I wonder how you were able to take photos that close. I wonder how did you negotiate all of those. Based on my experience, it's not that easy to ask people for their wares to be photographed...
You never ceased to amaze me...


I like photos of the amulets best! The way you compose those shots are awesome!



i like the picture of the amulets best.

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